Why did Gwen write "The Essence of God"?

An explanation of her beliefs about the trinity doctrine?

I have always believed, for my entire life, that God was the Father and Creator of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.  I grew up believing that Jesus was God's One and Only Son.  I believed that Jesus came into the world as a human to show us how delightful is was to love and obey God fully and wholeheartedly...obeying ALL of His wonderful commands.  I believed that when Jesus had a different desire than what God asked of Him, He submitted his separate will to God.  I grew up in a church where we frequently sang older hymns.  One of the most common ones sung in our church assemblies was "Holy, Holy, Holy."  There are several verses in that hymn, and there are lyrical differences in the song based upon which hymnal you use.  In my family's particular denomination, the words of the first verse of that hymn read, "Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, early in the morning our song shall rise to Thee.  Holy, Holy, Holy, merciful and mighty, God over all and blest eternally."  In other hymnals, the alternate lyrical phrase at the end of that verse instead read, "God in three person, blessed trinity."  I never believed that to be Scripturally accurate.  It never made sense to me, nor did I find any evidence of the concept of it in God's Holy Scriptures.  And so, I've never sung the hymn with the trinitarian lyrics.  I've always strived in my teaching and example to reflect a heart and attitude that reflects being under God's authority, under my husband's authority, under the governmental authorities in my city, state, and country.  It's how Jesus lived His life, and He is the pathway to God!

What was Gwen asked about the trinity...and what does she believe about it?

In the year 2000, at Desert Oasis (Weigh Down's annual international conference held in Nashville, Tennessee), we concluded an encouraging weekend of teaching, testimony, and music with a very moving and powerful time of repentance and re-commitment to loving God with a whole heart.  On the main floor of the Nashville Convention Center, we circled up more than 3,000 attendees, raised our voices and hearts in song, and sang those beautiful words to God - "God over all and blest eternally."  It was INCREDIBLE!  Lives were forever changed!  I was so thrilled for God!  In the weeks following Desert Oasis 2000, we got a couple of phone calls asking us about those "Holy, Holy, Holy" song lyrics.  A couple of Weigh Down participants wondered what I believed about the trinity...since we sang the song as described previously and not with the trinitarian lyrics I also referred to.  I felt that a "Statement" of my beliefs about the concept of the trinity was needed.  I simply penned and published what I believe, which is what you are about to read.  I quickly discovered that I was onto something huge.  Satan did NOT like what you are about to read.  WHY?  Because these words have been attacked, twisted, and condemned by people who are not bearing and showing the fruits of the Spirit.  Understanding Who God is and Who Jesus is...This is FUNDAMENTAL and ESSENTIAL to knowing how to have a RELATIONSHIP with God and His Son Jesus Christ.  If it's all a "mystery"...unexplainable...not meant to be understood...as the trinity doctrine suggests, then it's impossible to get close to God!  And therein lies why I MUST keep sharing this!  Whoever you are...wherever you are...God wants you to know and love Him.  He deserves that, and He deserves to be understood, not told that He's just a "mystery" that cannot be comprehended.  My prayer is that the following "Statement" about the "Essence of God" explains in a perfectly clear way not just who God and Jesus are...but how you can grow closer to them and truly make your life LINE UP with their personalities and loves and wants.  May we ALL have a deep, never-ending desire and drive to know MORE about the "Essence of God."  Please feel free to contact our office toll free for more information – 1-800-844-5208.


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